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SOLD - 1972 Porsche 911 T E Manual

ODO: 91,125

Engine: 2.4-litre, 6-cyl, petrol

Transmission: manual (5-speed)

Colour: Pastel Blue

Interior: Brown leather / Houndstooth

Price: SOLD

Here is something special, an early 2.4 911, with a Mechanical Fuel Injection engine, that you can drive, rather than tuck away in storage.


This car is unique in the collectable Porsche market because although it has a history as a LHD car, it is now converted to RHD and can be driven regularly.


Put simply, the car is stunning. It has been rebuilt completely and the conversion, I must say is one of the better jobs I've seen, and I've seen plenty over the past 30-years!


So if you are after an early 70s 911, to drive and enjoy, that is actually affordable, this is one not to ignore!


It's worth a look, and more so a drive...

Thanks! Message sent.

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